Pear Nova x Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Black excellence returns to the silver screen in Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, debuting 11.11.22. It’s been four years since we’ve witnessed the real Royal Family in action, and the world – and everything in it – has changed. But no matter how many challenges we’ve faced in the physical world or world of Wakanda, the resilience of our people in both remains unscathed. Our strength is time-tested and approved, and our obstacles have only been surpassed by our persistence + ingenuity. 

So while we may not be sure what to expect from Marvel Studios’ most highly anticipated sequel, we can be certain that it will make us proud. We can be hopeful that we’ll enter a new era of majesty. And we can be confident that we’ll fill theatres once again to pay homage to the story that inspired the nation and honor the King who moved us all. The spirit of the Black Panther lives on in each of us and our stories. And with the return of Wakanda Forever, Pear Nova is proud to announce one of its most thrilling chapters yet. 

Exciting news for Black Panther fans + Supernovas everywhere! Pear Nova presents Layovers, a luxury faux nail collaboration, with Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. As a fan of the original Black Panther, our Founder + CEO, Rachel James, was inspired to create a nail collection that embodied the resilience, vibrancy, and innovation of Wakandan culture. Thus, birthing Layovers – the sequel to our award-winning, luxury, vegan, non-toxic nail lacquers. 

Of the collaboration, she shares, “As a boy-mom and Marvel fanatic, I, like so many other people, fell in love with all the elements of Black Panther. From Wakanda’s rich culture to female governance, I was completely inspired by their world and everything in it. In creating our first collection of Layovers, I wanted to pay homage to the story that inspired so many and express the adoration I felt for Black Panther and Wakanda. I also wanted to develop a product that would make my sons proud, and I think with this collection, we’ve accomplished all of that and more.” 

The collaborative effort will feature three sets of Layovers – luxury faux nails – showcasing custom nail designs by Tacarra “Spifster” Sutton. Each package will contain 24 almond-shaped luxury faux nails, one nail file/buffer, one cuticle stick + one nail glue (1.8mL). Individual sets will retail for $25.50, and the three-set collection will be available for $70. Pear Nova X Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Layovers collection launches on October 13, 2022, at and

Embrace the culture of Wakanda and creativity of Chicago with Pear Nova X Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Layovers Collection, including:  

Vibranium Claws Layovers: Powder blue nails featuring an iridescent green art design symbolizing Wakanda’s most precious metal, Vibranium. 

Wakandan Tech 101 Layovers: A transparent nail base boasting a bold white streak illuminating contemporary and modern themes in a nod to Shuri’s lab and Wakandan technology. 

Rituals + Royals Layovers: Matte-finish nails featuring multi-colored brush strokes inspired by Wakanda’s all-female special forces, the Dora Milaje. 


Recapture the royalty within with Pear Nova X Marvel Studios' Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Layovers. Long live the King! 


Good read! #WakandaForever

Eddie Davenport October 20, 2022

Love it

Lauren October 19, 2022

A beautiful read for a beautiful collection! Black excellence at its finest!

Dom K. October 19, 2022

Another excellently written article showcasing another excellent and elegant Pear Nova product.

Deberay Carmichael October 19, 2022

Just wow! This is black excellence. All of it. Well written, Ms. Kelly.

Banks October 14, 2022

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