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Article: Bye-Bye Acetone. Hello, Refresh!

Bye-Bye Acetone. Hello, Refresh!

Bye-Bye Acetone. Hello, Refresh!

For years, we’ve turned to acetone to remove old, unwanted nail polish. You know the bottle, pear-shaped at the bottom with ridges on the side. Pink liquid inside that evaporated almost immediately if spilled, with a smell that reeked of chemicals. Stench aside, acetone was our friend. We picked her up for next to nothing, and she did the job. Every. Single. Time. We appreciated her consistency, even if it meant turning a blind eye to her toxicity. So, what if she had an odor? Was that cause to eliminate one of the only faithful beauty products we’d ever known?

Maybe not, if it were just the odor. But the truth is, we’ve always had one eye on acetone. Our nails just felt dry after using it. They looked dull too. Our first inclination may have been to cover it with a clear coat or make our next nail appointment. But deep down, we knew. And if we didn’t, our nose did. Acetone hasn’t ever been as good for us as it was to us. True, it was quick and dependable. But it also stripped our nails of natural oils, leaving them brittle, weak, and dry. And now that we know better, we can do better. Bye-bye acetone. Bye-bye brittleness. Bye-bye damage.

Hello, Refresh! The soy-based (non-acetone) lacquer remover here to help strengthen our nails – not break them down. How does it work? It’s science, but the good kind. The solvents in Refresh are soy/vegetable-based esters that act together to soften + dissolve nail polish. Refresh is also made with jojoba seed + tea tree oil and Vitamins A, D, and E. This blend of essential oils and vitamins works to replenish the health and moisturization of our nails while healing cracked + ragged cuticles.

Just follow the steps below to use Refresh and allow your nails (and nose) to feel + smell the difference. When you swap acetone polish removers for Refresh, you’ll have healthier nails that glow and grow, guaranteed. It’s a small change that will produce BIG results. And who knows? You may be inspired to swap to healthier habits all-around. Like salads for pizza? And water for alcohol?

Yeah…maybe just Refresh for acetone nail polish removers. That sounds like enough for one day. 🤣 Make the switch today, supernovas! And spread the word, out with acetone + in with Refresh!


Excited to try this.

Qui Qui D

Informative read! I need to make the switch because the harshness of acetone never sat right with me!


Good to know!


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