Breaking the Silence Against Domestic Violence

Every minute, nearly twenty people are abused by a domestic partner in the United States.

Over 20,000 calls are placed to national domestic violence hotlines daily.

Twenty percent of women in the United States have been raped in their lifetime.

And almost 20% of all domestic violence incidents involve a weapon.

The statistics are too alarming to ignore, but even one act of abuse is too many. Domestic violence is a serious issue that must be faced and eradicated in the United States and abroad.

Since October 1987, Domestic Violence Awareness Month has been observed by individuals and organizations working towards its end. At Pear Nova, we stand with domestic violence victims, survivors, family members, and friends. It’s a cause near to us every day, and this Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are joining forces with Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence (BTSADV) and Connections for Abused Women and their Children (CAWC), to spread awareness and assist victims and survivors.

This October, a portion of proceeds from will go to BTSADV, and we kindly ask our supporters to donate items for domestic violence survivors and their children through CAWC here. Please join us on our mission as we empower survivors to speak out through encouragement + support. Together, we can break the silence and end domestic violence.

If you or a loved one are victims of domestic violence, please contact the national domestic violence hotline at 1.800.799.7233, visit, or text “START” to 88788. Through aid + awareness, each of us can play an important role in eliminating domestic violence. Let’s explore more ways to help.


Victims of domestic violence may stay in an abusive relationship for any number of reasons – emotional, financial + mental factors are just a few. Sometimes, being a listening ear and trusted confidant is the only place to start. Recognizing the signs of abuse and understanding power + control can help you better empathize and communicate with the person needing your support. These may seem like small contributions, but they can have a huge impact. 


Abuse hurts, and no one is more familiar with that fact than domestic violence victims. Acknowledging the difficulty of the situation can help you become more emotionally supportive. Taking the victim’s concerns seriously and keeping information confidential can help you establish the rapport needed to assist them in action. Focus on building them up as a person and emphasizing the idea that everyone deserves a relationship free from abuse.


If a domestic violence victim is dependent upon their abuser for resources, material support may be required. This could include a range of activities such as introducing them to a network to sustain physical needs like food, clothing, and shelter or assisting them with the resources to create a flight plan to safety. Though we may not be able to financially support victims continually, every little bit helps. 


Once we understand and acknowledge domestic violence, we can seek the opportunity to act – with consideration. This can mean offering the victim your computer or phone if they are afraid their search history may be tracked. It can also mean contacting authorities if you sense an immediate threat of danger. With permission, you could begin documenting instances of violence in their life. And once they’ve successfully exited the relationship, you may consider refraining from updating their location + personal details on social media.


All of us can be role models for healthy relationships by respecting one another and choosing non-violence. If you know an abuser personally, ask them to seek help. Inform them that you are not ok with their actions but that you will support any effort they make to change. Do not allow fear to keep you from acting. Your words + actions could save a life.

For more ways to help, visit Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence + Connections for Abused Women and their Children today.

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Great article! Very informative! Kinda sad that I wasn’t aware of this month before! I’m glad that Pear nova is spreading awareness and donating to these important organizations 💋

JaZzy October 09, 2021

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