Spring Clean Your Nail Polish Collection: Tips for Decluttering, Organizing, and Repurposing Old Bottles!

Spring is here, which means it's time to shake off the winter blues and get organized. And if you're anything like us, that includes taking a good hard look at your nail polish collection. Whether you're a nail art enthusiast or just love experimenting with new shades, it's easy for your collection to get out of hand. But fear not – with a little bit of decluttering and organizing, you can create a streamlined, stress-free nail polish collection that sparks joy every time you use it.

Step 1: Declutter

The first step to organizing any collection is to declutter. Start by taking all of your nail polish bottles and laying them out on a flat surface. Then, sort them into piles: keep, donate, and recycle. Be honest with yourself – do you really need that half-empty bottle of neon purple nail polish you haven't touched in three years? If the answer is no, it's time to let it go!

Step 2: Organize

Once you've decluttered your collection, it's time to get organized! One popular method is to organize your nail polishes by color. You can either group them by rainbow order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink) or by shade (light to dark, pastels to neons). Another option is to organize them by brand, or even by finish (creme, shimmer, glitter, etc.). Whatever method you choose, make sure it works for you and your collection.

Step 3: Repurpose

Now, what to do with those nail polish bottles you decided to recycle? Before you toss them in the trash, consider repurposing them instead. Nail polish bottles can be great for storing small items like beads, glitter, or even pills. You can also use them to create your own custom Pear Nova nail polish shades by mixing together old bottles. And if you're feeling creative, here are a few more ways to repurpose your old nail polish bottles:

  • Cuticle oil: Clean out your old nail polish bottles and fill them with a homemade cuticle oil. Mix together a carrier oil (like almond oil or jojoba oil) with a few drops of your favorite essential oil, and you've got a portable cuticle moisturizer that's perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.
  • Custom fragrances: Create your own signature scent by mixing together different essential oils in an old nail polish bottle. You can use a dropper to add just the right amount of each oil, and then apply your custom fragrance to your wrists or neck.
  • Tiny flower holders: Want to add a little greenery to your desk or windowsill? Clean out your old nail polish bottles and use them as tiny flower holders. Just add a few drops of water and a small bloom, and you've got a cute and colorful vase.
Organizing your nail polish collection doesn't have to be a daunting task. By following these simple steps, you can create a streamlined, stress-free collection that sparks joy every time you use it. And by recycling your old nail polish bottles, you can reduce waste and even get a little crafty in the process. Happy organizing!

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